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Psalm 23 Meaning: 41 English Language Bible Versions with Translation Note


Psalm 23 Multi-Bible Study photo

  Are you or someone you know facing:
  • a health challenge?
  • a financial challenge?
  • a bout of depression or loneliness?
  • feelings of uncertainty?
Or maybe you're just looking to gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures. If so, this could be the perfect Bible study for you!

How can this Psalm 23 multi-version study help you?

  • A muli-version approach can provide better insight into the intended scriptural interpretation.
  • Short summary translation notes precede each version, providing an immediate framework to help you to gain a deeper understanding.
  • This Psalm 23 study can help you understand the all power of God.
  • You will gain a sense of the everywhere presence of God.
  • This multi-version study can help you understand the all protection and providing nature of God.
  Psalm 23 Meaning: 41 English Language Bible Versions with Translation Notes book photo
The 23rd Psalm is one of the most reassuring prayers in the entire Bible.  It is an affirmative prayer and not a beseeching or begging prayer. For the baby Christian, Psalm 23 is the prayer to go to when experiencing doubt or fear; it provides reassurance that God will do what is promised in the Bible. For the mature Christian, one for whom life has brought many challenges, this prayer is a testimony of the many victories over the trials and tests of life.
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